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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lovely Copper

I was experimenting in the studio yesterday and made up a few new pieces that I wanted to share with you. This copper and fancy quartz ring was inspired by the Camille Bracelet shown below. I hammered the base of the ring flat, then added texture to the outter edge using the ball pein. A fine gauge copper wire was used to secure the quartz stones to the ring base. For an added touch, I wrapped the copper wire around the stones as well. Size 8, $15
For the Camille Bracelet, shown above, I have hammered the copper wire flat and formed it into a teardrop shape then added a fancy quartz stone to several of the links. An extra little loop at the tip of the teardrop allows each link to connect to the next. A small copper hook clasp, also hand forged by yours truly, secures the bracelet. This bracelet measures 6 3/4" but extra links can be added for a larger fit. $24

More experimentation with color led me to this brown/green jasper stone. Unfortunately, it's hard to appreciate from this picture but the stone actually has very little green in it. It is more brown with shades of rust and mustard that play off of the color of the copper very nicely. This Gwendolyn Ring is size 5. $14

All three pieces will appear for sale in my etsy shop by the end of business today. Free U.S. shipping (discounted International shipping) from my etsy stop for the summer months. I hope to see you there soon! ~Heather

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just a Few Necklaces

I can't believe how fast the summer is going and I feel like I've been away from the bloggersphere for too long. So in order to catch you up on what I've been up to, I figured I'd just show you the latest in HJD neckwear. There's actually more that what I've shown on here but really, how much time do you have in the day to read blogs, right? Most of the necklaces have matching bracelets and/or earrings which you can view on either my HJD website: or my etsy shop:

I've been taking a great deal of time putting new bling on the etsy site as well as working on the new fall collection. Several of the older pieces have been marked down to 50% off in order to make room for the new designs. I had a blast with the summer sale at the latest HJD jewelry show that took place in my home in June as well as the Mid-Summer sale at the Leesport Farmer's market on July 11th.

The kiddies continue to be very involved in sports which has kept hubby and I busy as well. Zoe and Aeryn are currently without structured activities so aside from tagging along to the older kids activities, we've been having picnic lunches at the playground and visiting the local library.

I'm sad to say that I may hold off on the art gallery exhibit. I LOVE the idea but am finding it increasingly difficult to schedule the time to get into Philly (a 2 hr drive 1 way) amongst the soccer games, practices, sports camps, doctors/dentist/orthodontist visits, vet appointments, family vacation...well you catch my drift. I feel that it will happen but it's looking like it will happen later rather than sooner, when the timing is better.

I am looking forward to a private in home show in August, then we're going on vacation to visit my father-in-law in CT. Love going up there in the summer. Between the gorgeous seaport and lobster roll sandwiches...YUMMMMMM, I never want to leave. September is looking pretty slow at the moment so anyone in eastern PA want to book a show???

September is also birthday month. Caitlyn and I both have our birthdays in September, followed up by hubby and Zach in October. Sadly, September I also remember my dad's passing. This year will be 3 years. They say it gets easier as time goes by but I think of him each and every day.

So other than that, I'm just trying to balance family and work and starting to countdown the days until school starts!! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! Be sure to check out my etsy shop as I'm offering FREE SHIPPING for the summer months. Take care! ~Heather