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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring Showers brought May Flowers

Ahhh, yummy salad, sitting on the deck w/ my laptop and listening to the hum of my dryer, the neighbor's edge trimmer and the birdies singing. It's a bit breezy but the sun is out which makes me a happy camper and the kiddies aren't fighting--for now :-).

This weekend was Miss Zoe's dance recital. It may have been her last. My little ballerina would rather twirl in the breeze than be confined by someone else's procession of steps. She was wonderful though, in her white tutu, all done up w/ make-up and enough hair spray to last a lifetime. Honestly, I don't know how the backstage mom's do this with their kids in multiple dance numbers and costume changes. Hats off to you ladies!

Besides pre-recital preparations, I've been busy with a craft fair, an in-home jewelry party, yard sale, a bridal shower, lots of HJD paperwork, earring making, kid running, still unsuccessful potty training, daily laundry that seems to multiply exponentially, shrub pruning and weeding, prep for next weekend's jewelry party in Churchville, PA and the HJD Summer Sale Jewelry Party on June 19th, and finishing up with the custom orders that were already in progress. I've been putting new jewelry on my etsy site and have so many designs floating around in my head that I can't wait to get crackin' on. In fact I received a very intriguing e-mail the other day that got me thinking about new designs. A brand spanking new art gallery is opening in Philly called The Artists Room. One of the owners saw a sample of my work on and is interested in talking to me about participating in a gallery showing. Can I tell you how excited I am?? I am jumping out of my skin!!! Nothing is in writing yet though so I should probably calm my keister down and chill but the prospect is very exciting. I'll keep you posted.

Also in the works is the 2009 Berks Co. American Heart Association Heart Walk. It will be held at the Reading Phillies First Energy Stadium on October 4th, 2009. I can't wait to assemble the Hillcrest Jewelry Design Team again this year! We had so much fun last year and hopefully we'll be able to double our walker numbers as well as our donations! I'll be adding to the Four Heart Collection as well, as I donate 20% of each sale from the Four Heart Collection to the AHA. You can read more about that on my website at . So as you can see, even though I've discontinued my custom design services there is still lots of goings on with Hillcrest Jewelry Design.

Lots going on at and around home as well. The kids will be done school on June 4th and I am happy to say that this is the first time in a long time that I haven't had serious reservations about summer vacation. Cait will continue with soccer throughout the summer months as she is playing for the Berks Soccer Association's Super Y soccer program which will take us to New York and New Jersey (and elsewhere I'm sure). Hopefully we'll get to do a little sight seeing while we're in NYC. Zach has a long week of camping planned this summer as well as driving school-----eeeeek!!! I'm not sure if I'm ready for that... Zach and Caitlyn will also get together with their school soccer teams over the summer for friendly kick arounds and soccer camps. I hope to visit family in Pittsburgh and CT this summer in addition to taking the kids on day trips. Other than that, we plan to get the pool set up in the back yard and enjoy the summer.

As a prelude to summer, I've included photos from my yard. I was recently asked what inspires me in jewelry designing. The answer is...everything! My surroundings are very inspirational, especially with the color combinations that I see in flowers throughout the seasonally changing landscape. I hope you enjoy! ~Heather

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain Rain, Go Away

Yeah, yeah, spring showers May flowers. I hear ya. Every time I turn around soccer games are being rescheduled due to the rain. Yuck. Bring back the sun! Again, I was dreaming of warm weather, the beach, you've heard it all before...hence the shells:

So here we are, another week has begun. Last week I got to meet Angie in person, face to face. You may remember I have been working on angel pins that I was selling and donating a portion of each sale to help raise money for a local family that is up to their eyeballs with Leukemia. Let's just say, meeting her and her family and knowing what they're going through put things into perspective for me. I have many blessings that I am grateful for and I am honored to have been asked to design a specialty piece for this cause. Thanks to all who purchased angel pins.

The rest of last week is a blurr...oh wait-new brakes and tires on my van. Picture this people, an hour from home, at night, alone, van full of shiny bling and displays and I've got the brake pedal to the floor and hearing metal grinding on metal. Wait, it gets better...I had to go DOWN a ginormous hill on Rt. 78 outside Allentown, PA. Fortunately, after white knuckling it and lots and lots of chats with the good lord above, I made it home, safe and sound. Shaking, but safe.

Last week in the studio was spent finishing up custom orders, mailing out orders, catching up on paperwork from the previous weekend's party and making necklaces for HJD's new Men's Collection. So far 3 necklaces are made. I have another design sketched out and hope to get to it soon. This week I need to get invitations in the mail for the next private party, build up earring inventory and work on my guest list as I've decided to host a party in June. I'm also working on a bridal set, listing products for sale in my etsy shop and marking down some older product that I'd like to see sell this weekend at the Leesport Market Craft Fair. If you're in the area this Saturday, May 9th from 9am to 4pm, please visit me inside the Meeting Room. That's the smaller building, I'm right across from Scoot and Bubba's Restaurant.

Tomorrow I get to catch up with a dear friend over lunch and I'm so looking forward to that! Have a great night! I'm going to go catch some Zzzzzz's. ~Heather