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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Bling Update

Just a quick peek at the new collection.  I'm at a loss for a name for the collection though so I could really use your help.  I only have these 3 made so far but plan to make more of this style with various stones.

Feel free to send me your thoughts by clicking comments below.  I'd love to hear your ideas.

In the meantime I'm up to my eyeballs with custom orders, office duties and preparing for an in-home jewelry show this weekend.  ---and of course the kiddies keep things busy too.  Hope you're all doing well and surviving what feels like the never ending winter (at least here in PA).


Monday, February 8, 2010

Sterling Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces

Another new collection to show you this Monday. I love the rustic beauty of combining fringed edged, up-cycled corduroy ribbon with sterling silver wrapped gemstones. Each of these three pieces contain a Chinese Picture Jasper stone and as you can see in the pictures, each stone has different hues and patterns. All are stunning, if you ask me, but I am a bit biased. I'll admit that.

The other thing that I love about this particular stone is that each stone has a variety of colors that will easily fit in with a broad array of wardrobes.

These particular necklaces hang at approximately 21 1/2" and are secured with a hook clasp. All metal is sterling silver and hand forged/hand wrapped. The pendants are approximately 37mm wide by 30mm high. I have yet to post these on etsy as I'd like to debut them officially at my Valentine's Jewelry Party this Saturday. I plan to make more of this type of necklace with various other gemstones so if you like this style keep your eyes peeled for the Sterling Wrapped Gemstone Collection. I want to make matching bracelets as well but have yet to actually do so.

If you absolutely love these pieces and can't wait for the party or me posting them on etsy, send me an e-mail and we'll get you hooked up. Reference item #HJD1934 $44 each. PA sales tax where applicable.

Did You Know??

  • Picture jasper is named so because the patterns in the stone resemble a small landscape?
  • This stone can also be found in Angola, Algeria, Asia, Germany, Peru, Idaho and Oregon?
  • It is thought that picture jasper helps promote global awareness by bringing the wearer closer to nature?
Lesson over.  Have a great Monday! ~Heather

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rosary Pieces

Happy Sunday!

Some of the latest creations from the HJD studio/former dining room/ office:

Some time ago I was given bits and pieces of old family rosaries. A little lesson into my personal history here. I was raised in the Roman Catholic religion. I never really embraced the religion and always considered myself to be a Christian. Plain and simple. I can appreciate some of the Catholic traditions though and if you see me in a Catholic church these days, you might even see me genuflect. I do not attend church regularly although I feel I have a deep spiritual side and that works for me.
I also have a great appreciation for that which endures time. Vintage pieces inspire me. It's not just the fact that they're "old" it's the history of the piece, where it came from, who used it and for what purpose. I have so many memories of my grandmother sitting in her green wing back chair, Bible in her lap, rosary in her arthritic hands, reciting prayers as she made her way around the rosary, one bead at a time.

So, when I was given these time worn pieces of vintage rosary I felt so inspired to use them in my jewelry creations. Some pieces are more sentimental than others and with the family history I will be using them in jewelry pieces that I will be keeping and wearing and hopefully passing down to my girls someday. Some of the rosary bits I have a large amount of and will use them in pieces that I will sell.

This particular piece, pictured above and below I will be keeping for myself. But I just wanted to share the beauty of the medal and connector piece. I believe them to represent the Mother Mary and the Seven Sorrows. I think they're sterling silver. I polished them up enough to show the detail but I really like some of the black tarnish to accentuate the beauty of the artistry that went into making it. They may possibly have been made around 1900. If anyone out there in blogland has any knowledge of these pieces and would like to share, I'd love to learn more about them.
I've also used black wood rosary bead sections in this necklace to give it some length and moss opalite roundels because I love how the colors of the moss opalite pick up the black of the rosary beads and will go nicely with a cream colored sweater I have.
This is the back of the medal pictured above. I've also tied up-cycled cream colored corduroy ribbon to the portion that goes behind the neck. It's so comfy, no clasp and large enough to just slip overhead.
And so, since these lovely creations are made using bits and pieces of rosaries, I've named these necklaces: The Bits & Pieces Rosary Collection. Look for more pieces to be added as they are completed. How fitting that I share these with you on Sunday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day SALE!

I am having a Valentine's Day Sale in my etsy shop from now until Feb. 8th, 2010. All of my 4Heart pieces are marked down 10% as well as a few Valentines-ish bracelets. Check out the SALE section for more details.

Please place your order by Feb. 8th to ensure delivery in time for Valentine's Day. Your purchase will arrive in a cotton filled jewelry box, tied with a pretty ribbon, ready for gift giving. Free USPS priority mail insured shipping to all US locations.

I'll be posting these little lovelies on etsy in a few minutes but I just had to give you all the heads up on the SALE! I'm thinking I need another necklace like these but with the word "LOVE". What do you think? Any other suggestions? Feel free to share your thoughts, just click on comments.