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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy Day

Not that everyday isn't busy. There's usually a multitude of activities on the calendar between all of the kids' activities and the business. Today is a busy day because I ended up changing my plans when I received a phone call last night that a new customer would like a custom design to be completed by Friday. Of course, I'm customers make me happy (actually all customers make me happy)! She is coming to the office/studio that is in my home to discuss the particulars of the piece. With 4 kids, hubby and a dog in the mix, I'm thinking the house needs to be tidied up --by 3pm today. No small task. Hubby is off today (thank god) so he'll keep the little ones occupied. And on that note...I must go spruce up the place. One of these days I'll have my own boutique.

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